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Computerchemist – Signatures Vol 1 & 2 (2013)


The new double album ‘Signatures 1 & 2, by much talented Dave Pearson (aka Computerchemist) reveals both krautrock, electronics and progressive rock at it’s very finest. Starting with ‘Signatures I’, we will travel into the world of krautrock for sure, especially the first half of the album it’s very evident. It’s like listening to some of the best ‘Tangerine Dream’ music from the early 70’s. It strikes you immediately that the mighty ‘Computerchemist’ has been influenced by this supergroup to a large extent. And while the first half of the album is TD oriented in many ways, the later half is aching much more towards the sounds of ‘Ozric Tentacles’ if you ask me. The cosmic shimmering sounds along with the powerful drumming takes place, it’s almost like listenng to a one-man Ozric army. Dave certainly knows every trick in the book, and with this album he has eclipsed himself once again.Very tasty intricate cosmic rock from start to finish!.





As we move along, we get to his other album called ‘Signatures II’. This album (being my fave of the two) is leaning much more towards electronic rock. But the obvious oozing sounds of Ozric Tentacles cannot be escaped!. Just listen to the amazing piece ‘Floor Zero’ and you’ll be in for a lush treat for sure. The very tasty sounds of the guitars and ethereal synths will leave you quite breathless I’d say. My favorite track on the album without a doubt!.

Pour a bit of ‘Ozric Tentacle’, then add some tasty Pink Floyd sounds mixed with some classic Tangerine Dream textures. Stir well, then add a bucketload of Dave Pearson’s own imaginative style. Shake again and stir it well, and you’ll have the latest Computerchemist masterpiece!.  I would easily and without a doubt recommend this double album to listeners who crave for an infectious and adventurous Berlin-influenced journey, with a dash of prog rock thrown in the mix.


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Computerchemist – Atmospheric “A Rich Tapestry Of Atmospheric Sounds…”

Something new and something old. This is probably the best way to describe this album by Dave Pearson, aka Computerchemist. The album itself is sort of a cross between space-music and progressive rock/electronic. And if you ask me, this is one of the best albums out of the four released so far. It has a completely different feel/approach to it if compared to say; his latest release ‘Aqual Measure’. The first track opens up with a hypnotising synthetic sound that soon fades out, and later it fades in to a more upbeat rhytmic palette of sounds, simply just to tease your ears a bit making you want more of the same. Short but good!

Later the track ‘Atmospheric’ slowly emerge and evolve, showscasing Dave’s love for the mid 70’s Tangerine Dream sound, with it’s slow & soft/melodic beat which soon turns into a inferno of blasting synths that really captivates your ears before you know it!. Here we have the highlight of the album, and it marks Dave at his finest hour as a composer, at least on this album it does. Just brilliant stuff!.’Dominos Lament’ picks up where ‘Atmospheric’ left of, and takes us deeper into the world of wonders. This track is another highlight, with very intelligent production, and it also has a very melodic sound structure to it, a sound that wouldn’t be too out of place in a album by ‘Gert Emmens’. Great sequencing!. Next track has a more ancient theme to it in the beginning, but quickly turns out to something completely different as it progresses through. Synths and flutes are arranged in great harmony along with drums, and makes this track leaning towards the sound of early Tangerine Dream as we all know it. Despite that, it is quite clear to me that Dave’s personal approach to the music is always present aswell, much because of the drum effects which represents the style of early progressive rock/krautrock, but with a twist!.

What we are about to hear next is the track ‘Tribalibal’, a track that immediately grabs me and makes me think of ‘Chris Hulsbeck’. After the track ‘Atmospheric’, this has to be one of THE best moments on this CD. It opens up with gorgeous swooshing synths, just to later slow down and morph into a melodic inferno of hypnotising drum effects and guitar? sounds. This track has many nice “surprises” added to it, and will grow on you!. Yet another keeper!.

As we near the end of the CD, the track ‘French Game Idea’ kicks in. This one starts out with some high pitched synth effects that later slows down with a subtle bass effect that breathes in the background while keeping the excitement going. After a while it opens up again with lush sounds not of this earth(!), those synths really leaves you breathless!. A track that should have been a bit longer due to the awesomeness near the end of it, but that’s just a minor flaw. All in all, it’s a superbly composed piece!.

The last track on the other hand is perhaps the most versatile of them all. A blend of long, drifting drum and bass lines that goes hand in hand with the ‘hi-hats’ makes this the ‘kraut-rockiest’ sounding experience on this album. It’s like a cross betweem early 70’s TD and Hawkwind (without the vocals involved) at their early moments. So all in all, this CD has something for everybody who wants the taste of something new and something old!. It really conjures up all the EM elements of both the 70’s and the 80’s in such a lush harmony. And it’s really hard to make a comparison with other EM artists out there. I would say this album is perhaps not for the fanbase of Michael Stearns & Jonn Serrie, but more for the fans of Tangerine Dream, Eloy, and Ozric Tentacles.

The ‘Computerchemist’ has made it again. He is simply one of a kind when it comes to well produced progressive EM that touches the heart and stirs the imagination!
This is awesome!. Highly Recommended!.

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Computerchemist – Aqual Measure “A masterpiece of it’s own!”

Computerchemist is a project of Dave Pearson, from Hungary. His music has been quite influenced by other EM artists such as Klaus Schulze & Tangerine Dream, and this album `Aqual Measure’ is a great recipe of how it sounds if we mix the best of both worlds in terms of EM. Think of Tangerine Dream (circa 75-85) meets Dave’s own distinctive ideas, and you’ll have a fairly good idea of what to expect on this incredible CD. Let’s get on with the review…

The opening track `Tantric Race’ is a slow moving and hypnotic journey that captures many different aspects of the EM `scene’. It develops in a great harmonic way with sequencers & Electric guitars that literarly sucks you right into “the action”. It reminds me a lot of what Guido Meyer did on the album `Lightyears‘, with the exception that this track takes the advantage of more drum effects. A slow and steady with a nice flow that surprises the listener. Great opening track!
Next comes `Danube Flow’, which is another rather slow track, and features some nice sequencing. It also consists of more drum effects and less guitars, but despite that, there are enough things going on to keep the excitement up, and it is most notably around the 7 minute mark and onward, as things are starting to develop real nice. This track is perhaps more for the fan base of Klaus Schulze, but overall I really love this one. A true `grower’!
I have something very important to tell you. It’s about the track `Mirage’ on this CD. And you better pay attention to this one, because here we have what dreams are made of, and I really mean it! This is one of the stand-out tracks on the entire CD. It opens up with some gorgeous sequences that emerge slowly into a wave of blistering guitars that simply puts a spell on you at first listen. I would have to say that it is probably one of those tracks that could best be described as a cross between Dave’s own imaginative guitar sound, TD‘s album `Underwater Sunlight’ and last but not least `Strange Inside’. The only different is, this track is slightly more rhythmic, and with an atmosphere that is very hard to beat. Simply put, marvelous!
The title track `Aqual Measure’ is another Grand experience. I’d say this is the albums most majestic and well structured piece. It starts with some lush sounding synthesizers that are swooshing back and forth, while the piano keeps the structure of the track intact. Later we can hear a gorgeous guitar kicking in, a guitar sound that HAS to be heard. It closes almost the same way it opened, the emotional and moody way. The atmosphere in this track is unbelievable, I can’t recommend this piece enough. The lead guitar parts were played by Uwe Cremer, who collaborated with Dave on this particular track. Pure Gold!
`Standing Waves Standing Still’ reminds me a lot of `Robert Schroeder‘s music, there are many aspects of his sound in this one, most notably from his earlier works which is a good thing. Fans of the 70’s EM sound will be delightful. I would say it’s a track that contains more “Schulze‘ sounds than any of the other tracks. The structure of this track is a rather mixed bag, it’s like it or leave it basicly, and also the only track that didn’t quite grab my attention to 100%. That said, it has some evocative and hypnotic sounds and ends with nice piano effects that will most likely please fans of Klaus Schulze!
`Atlantic Rift’ is a very dark and eerie experience. This is Dave at one of his “darkest” hours. The intro is very similar to `Lustmord‘ and `Beyond Sensory Experience’ with it’s dark mood, but around the 4 minute mark, things are starting to kick in. Darkness reveals brightness and the synths are starting to take effect to their full potential. At this stage it sounds very much like Gert Emmens. But with the “flute” effects and Dave’s distinctive synth work surrounding you at the same time, it certainly shows that this could only have been done by Dave himself. And oh! You will be caught by a surprise aswell, but you will have to experience that part yourself. What a wonderful way to finish this cracking album!

The verdict is the following. I have been a long time fan of Dave’s work (and a lover of progressive rock), I would even go as far and say I’m his No:1 fan, and out of the four albums he has released so far I find this album to be his best, a definite MUST BUY!. If you liked `Landform’ then you will LOVE this. Also, fans of TD‘s albums `Green Desert’ & `Underwater Sunlight’ will want to have this in their collection. It has all the hypnotic moments from the 70’s and the emotional moments from the 80’s….what else is missing? Nothing! It’s all here!. A masterpiece!

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