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Jeff Scott Castle – The Indigo Sun Chronicles (2011)

The music you will hear on this album is absolutely breathtaking. It could best be described as a cross between David Helpling & Jon Jenkins style and the rhythmic side of Tangerine Dream. Particularly their 80’s years. Now that’s a combination I like!. All of the tracks here flows into one another in a gorgeous way, and played with heart and emotion from start to finish. And speaking of emotion, If you listen to the track ‘So Many Miles To Go’ you will be blown away with it’s infectious synth passages and the slow moving and epic atmosphere. A track that’s filled with hope, sadness and a dash of longing. Breathtaking synth piece!. Other extremely epic tracks on this wonderful album are ‘Indigo Sun Theme’ and ‘In Search of Life’. Those two showcases another sensible side of the artist ‘Jeff Scott Castle’. They also deliver an epic ammount of heavenly beautiful synth passages that you simply can’t get enough of. My room was filled with positive and uplifting emotions when I played this album during the evening at home. I was totally blown away by it’s rich atmospheric sound, a sound very few I can think of as I write this can immitate. Not even TD knows the recipe that Jeff has conjured up on this marvelous album. All I can say for now is…GET THIS ALBUM!. You won’t find a better synth album this year. To be honest, I doubt there will ever be another synth album sounding this good ever. That is, unless Jeff comes up with new ideas, and follow up the sound he has delivered on this album. So to summon up this album with one word, all I can say is….EPIC!!


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Geodesium – Stella Novus (2011)

Mark C. Petersen is without question and without exception, one of the most prolific composers in the space-music genre today, and once again it shows on his latest installment Stella Novus. This album is definitely one of his very best albums to date, right beside Stellar Collections. It portrays space and the infinity of the universe perfectly with its ethereal and floating sound textures that surround you in a blanket of warm sounds, and takes you on a deep-space cruiser before you know it.

The structure of the tracks is incredibly atmospheric and immersive, and makes you feel as if you really were drifting around to otherworldly places in the galaxy. Good examples are the tracks Protostars and Light Echoes. Both are filled with some of the most beautiful floating synthesizer sounds you are unlikely to hear on any other space-music album out there today. Very haunting atmosphere, yet very peaceful and beautiful at the same time. A visionary’s dream come true! Other highly notable tracks are the title track Stella Novus and the last, whopping 30 minute long track, entitled Hubble Suite.

Stella Novus starts off with a colorful sound palette that paints and fulfills the shimmering synth work that breathes emotionally in the background; one to pay attention to if you like a somewhat brighter side of space-music. The last track is my favorite of them all. It’s a 30 minute long-form space cruiser that slowly and carefully builds to enormous amounts of ethereal sonic soundscapes that push Mr. Petersen’s creative force to his limits, if you ask me. Mark’s distinctive synthesized sounds are all over this track and shows off some of his very best work, ever!

Rarely, if ever, do I hear such beauty in space-music, and I’m a ‘die-hard’ space-music enthusiast. So if you ever thought of, or dreamed about the possibility of travelling without moving to space, then do yourself a favor and buy this album right away. It’s the next best thing to actually being there. The verdict is: If you like the albums Fourth Universe and Stellar Collections then this album is a safe bet. It’s any space-music enthusiast’s dream come true. Stunning work, Mark. Mission complete!

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Etherfysh – Statis

This album, Statis, is an album by UK based artist Chris Christou, and is an album that truly captures the listener with intense cosmic  and haunting melodies that will immerse you into otherwordly places. It’s a very consistent album, and it keeps the interest and exitement up for the listener as the music progresses through. It can tell that Chris has put a great deal of work into his music, as there is alot of ‘feel’ to it. Most of the tracks flows ubroken into each other, forming a great sense of  a “in your face” feel so to speak. It really does feel as if you are travelling out there, in space, visiting places you never knew existed. Despite the fact that the album seems a bit awkward and hard to get to know (especially at first listen), it will grow on you, and you will be amazed of how great this piece os EM is, and really appreciate it!. Some tracks are short, some are long (particularly the last one), and they all have their unique “space feel” to them. It can best be described as “a mix of Tangerine Dream” and “Klaus Schultz”  with a dash of ‘Alpha Wave Movement’. This is EM that doesn’t wear out in the first place. Recommended!

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Rick Rascati – Skywatcher “Travelling Without Moving”

I came across this beautifully crafted CD while browsing CDBABY for new Ambient/New Age music. And I can’t say I’m disappointed a bit!. This release contains a strong versatile mix of tunes, with everything ranging from ambient and atmospheric synth layers to a more uptempo trance music feel. I don’t know how Rick managed to combine all these beautiful elements the way he did it, but I do know this. If you like ‘Tangerine Dream’ and ‘Future World Orchestra’, then this album is definetely for you!. Even some ‘Serrie’ sounding synth textures can be heard, especially on the first track ‘TimeSpaceContinuum’, which is one of the best pieces on the disc after the incredibly spacey (and TD sounding) ‘Heaven’s Path’, a track that has some incredibly stunning and swooshing synth layers that will capture your ears before you know it!. The whole CD is an infectious thrillride through the many aspects of the EM ‘scene’ and will take you to otherworldly places in the universe with it’s majestic and spacey sound and feel. It’s like travelling without moving!. All in all, this is a well crafted epic release full of lush sounds not of this earth, created by a very unique artist that I will be looking forward to in the future!. So what can I say? Another must-buy!!

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Andrew Forrest – Infinite Octaves “Sonic Soundscapes That Leaves You Breathless!”

There are times in our life’s when we want to escape reality for a while, times when we simply have had enough of everyday stress in life. I had the latter not long ago, and was looking for something very spectacular, not to mention epic, in terms of space-music (I’m a die-hard space-music/new age fan myself)) so I stumbled across this masterpiece called ‘Infinite Octaves’ by Andrew Forrest while browsing CDBABY for new ambient/space music, and boy am I glad I did?!. This is exactly what I’ve been wanting, and have been looking for for “ages”. The album is truly spectacular, both in terms of how immersive it is, and how it’s structured. Surely, most of us “space enthusiasts” knows about Jonn Serrie and hail him as the “King” of space-music, but Andrew Forrest must be getting very close, and certainly with this masterpiece!. I even think he surpasses some of Jonn’s better albums with this release. What you will get here is stunning beauty from start to finish. All tracks are floating in and out, creating a masterfully done sonic soundscape that breathes along in a magnificent way. There are moments with some very deep-space sounding atmospheric sounds, just to change with long floating beautifully done sequencing. And speaking of beautiful sequencing. Listen to tracks such as ‘Through the Seventh Stargate’ and ‘Beyond the Beyond’ and you will be in for a treat. It’s such a dreamlike album, and it will grab your attention from the very first track to the very last track (and second!) with it’s beautifully layered sequencing and a stunning cinematic soundscapes that leaves you breathless!. I will, without a doubt, give this album a 5 star rating!. This is definetely Andrew Forrest at his best. Epic!!

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Geodesium – Music From SpacePark 360 – “Are you ready for the space-ride of your life”?

I have followed Mark C.Petersen’s works since his self-titled CD ‘Geodesium’ from 1977 to this day, and I have to say that this one stands out from the rest, in a very unique and pleasant way. I love space-music, and this disc, partly, fails to deliver just that. However, it is not Mark’s intention to create another follow-up to ‘Gentle Rain of Starlight’, at least not from what we hear on this CD. Instead we get to hear some really intricate and evocative “thrillride” music. Some tracks being quite spacious, that goes along very well along with a Dome Show. The best thing about this CD is the great variety of themes and melodies, something this CD has tons of, and does it sound good? Oh yes!. There’s everything ranging from plain and “simple” electronic fusion to some outstanding ethereal and subtle use of ‘space guitars’ that does it’s job very well throughout tracks such as ‘Lobates Scarp’ and ‘Titanical Gas’. Those tracks alone makes it worth buying this CD!. While listening, I can easily imagine myself sitting inside a darkened dome (planetarium if you like), getting ready for the ride of my life as the music progress through with it’s very infectious rockin’ edge to it. Other notable tracks are ‘European Ice’ and ‘Ring Surfer’, both being well structured and versatile, both rhythmmic wise and ‘guitar’ wise. The album itself can be listened to “as is”, but I really think it would make perfect inside a darkened planetarium, but not during a cosmic space documentary, but during a thrillride in space, in which this album is intended for!. So who will like this CD? Well, basicly, from my point of view, anybody looking for something old and something new. Mark’s distinctive sound palette can be heard on many tracks, most notably on ‘Depth Perceptions’, which is a ‘cover’ from one of his earlier albums. Also, if you’re a long-time fan of Mark’s earlier albums and want something completely new and different for your ears, then this is for you!. Most certainly a highly recommended album for all space enthusiasts out there! Get it!

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Geodesium – A Gentle Rain Of Starlight “Planetarium music in a new dress”

Iv’e been listening to all of the Geodesium cd’s (and own them aswell), and this one stands out from the rest. There is a fresh new sound to this new installment, though it sounds very much like “Fourth Universe” except that this CD has more depth & emotions to it like never heard before. Listen to “Celestial Solitude” & “Silver Lagoon” and you know what I mean. I would highly recommend this CD to just about anyone who likes to add floating space music to their Planetarium show at home or at the theatres.

If you like Jonn Serrie’s music then you can’t go wrong with this release. It has everything, it’s fresh, a new classic, has more depth than the other Geodesium CD’s and most important I guess, it sounds very personal but I really can’t put my fingers on why, perhaps this is just me. Anyway, excellent work as usual Marc C.Petersen! Now Buy it!

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Geodesium – West Of The Galaxy “The Birth Of The Universe”

West of the Galaxy is as vital and richly enjoyable a recording of space music as ever. Mark Petersen (aka Geodesium) makes music that wears very well and this CD shows that fact to good effect.

The CD opens with “The Grand Tour” and its slowly pulsing bass notes and shimmering synths. This is followed by a hyper-space cruiser, “Zephyr,” with whooshing effects, wonderfully done plucked-harp synths, and ferocious drum pads. These two cuts exemplify the duality of “West of the Galaxy”, i.e., the presence of deep space drifts and high velocity cruisers.

Not many musicians that I know of are as comfortable with both styles as Mark is. Jonn Serrie comes to mind, but Mark does not use the same long synth washes, instead concentrating more on notes and chords. Interestingly, Mark and Jonn are two of the premier composers of music for planetariums. That should certainly tell you something about the mood Mark’s music conveys. You’ll hear this in “The Ocean of Space” with its gently rotating melodies, “Sky Flight” with percolating rhythms and breezy synth flute, or the sixteen-minute title cut, a wonderful visit to deep space with slow bass rhythms, languid synth bass flutes, and shimmering synth effects.

Despite this recording’s release date of 1987, I don’t know if you will find much better space music being recorded today. “West of the Galaxy” is not dark or mysterious, but warm and friendly. For lovers of more melodic (but not neo-romantic) and cheerful space music, I recommend it highly, and if you want more of the same dose then this is only the beginning of a journey through space!

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Immersion Theory – The Icarus Foray “A Spark in the Dark”

When listening to this record in the dark, I almost feel like I’m sitting inside a spaceship, ready for a ‘mission’ to space and its unknown territory’s. The CD starts with a narrator talking, the kind of narration you often hear when astronauts are communicating to eatch other while in space (and offcourse while in the space shuttles aswell).

And this “intro” of the music starts the whole journey, and you better believe me when I say this record is a must have if you are familiar to Michael Stearns album “Planetary Unfolding”. It’s definetely at least as good, if not better, especially the track “Echoes Of Apollo”, which really showcases how space probably would sound if sound did exist there.

To me, outer space, inner space, the oceans and forests and all the life they contain, and even the space inside our minds are all somehow associated and related and they all make sense in the context of space music.

I would say that the music here could best be described as slow moving, dark, & slightly haunting at places. And to sum it up, this really is a spark in the dark. It has all the elements that conjures up a good space journey experience, and pick this one up if you’re a serious listener to the genre, and offcourse, you should consider buying it aswell if you are a collector! You won’t be dissapointed!

Highly recommended, especially for the fans of Michael Stearns!

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Tranzen – Atlantis “Lush and serene sounds of Space”

Just the look on the cover of this CD caught my attention immediately. There was something more than just a really nice spacious cover about this CD….alot more. I had a feeling this was going to be something special, and yes, it was!

I would like to start of by saying that this is a pure masterpiece of it’s own, and highly Original aswell. If you like ‘Jonn Serrie’ and ‘Meg Bowles’ then this is for you!. The sound is very similar to those artists, especially Serrie, even though there is a slight touch of ‘Telomere’s’ stunning sound at times.

Each song floats slowly into eachother while breathing in & out with some really gorgeous layers of synth sounds that washes over you all the time.
The music floats so nicely just as If you were floating around in space with it, hypnotising to say the least!. You will instantly feel surrounded with it’s sound from start to finish. Pure Bliss!

The last time I heard space music produced this well must have been when I bought Jonn Serrie’s “And the stars go with You”, which this CD reminds me alot of, but still, there lot’s of Original sounds that I really can’t put my fingers on, but trust me, the four tracks on this spacious New Age CD will take you to faraway places and…back?.

Highly Recommended to all fans of Serrie & Telomere! An instant winner!

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