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Firestarter – Tangerine Dream “Makes me Burn Inside”

I have heard this album more times than any other TD soundtrack/record out there. And I must say that this one is the best ever! You will instantly feel transported into the movie in those scenes where the music took place. You loved the movie (most part because of the music, right?)and you will love the soundtrack aswell. I can guarantee you that!

I have a few personal favourites on this one and that would be “Crystal Voice” and “Charly The Kid”. Those songs are VERY moody, typical TD sound from the 80’s era. The rest of the songs are also very good but those songs I mentioned will stick into your head for a long time and you will play this disc over and over again again just to hear them!

To sum it up, if you love the 80’s sound from TD and want their best soundtrack ever made without any filler tracks then I would definetely go for this CD! Highly Recommended!!


March 29, 2010 Posted by | Other, Progressive Electronic Music, Synth Music | | 1 Comment