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Rene Splinter – Singularities (2012)

I’ve always been in love with the Tangerine Dream sound Rene Splinter creates with each of his releases. And his latest album ‘Singularities’ is no exception!. The album will indulge you in a serene world of electronic music that WILL leave you breathless for a long time, and make you beg for more of the same. The music that Rene creates is always leaning towards classic 80’s sequencing electronic music. And with this album he certainly have eclipsed himself. Each and every track has that stunning melodic and fresh feel to it, and all of the tracks on this album progresses through in great harmony and with some of the very best sequencing I’ve heard in ages!.

The opening track ‘Singularities’ has to be one of my favorites. It starts out in a moody yet uplifting way, with some soft melodic synth pads, which later builds up in a slow moving way with more sequencing and powerful grooves added to it as the track progresses through. The best part of this track is after the 8 or 9 minute mark, as all of the ingredients are all there and really pushes Rene’s magical touch to the limit!. Superb powerful and moving EM of the highest order is what we have here!. Talk about ear bliss!

Other highly notable tracks are ‘Timescapes’ and ‘The Time Traveller’. These tracks are marvelous melodic pieces from start to finish. Both tracks has that truly awesome and infectious sound of the mid 80’s. Think ‘Tangerine Dream’ and the music from soundtracks such as ‘Firestarter’ and ‘Heartbreakers’ and this is what you will hear!. Personally, I’m a big fan of the ‘Firestarter’ soundtrack, so I was very pleased to hear these tracks, along with ‘The Lighthouse’, which is yet another remarkable piece that will leave you breathless without question.

Now, all this said, I seriously have to admit that ‘Singularities’ is easily one of the best synth albums I’ve ever listened to, with the exception of ‘David Helpling & Jon Jenkins’ album ‘The Crossing’ (2010). Highly recommend album to any fan of quality EM of the highest order!. Epic ear bliss!


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Etherfysh – Statis

This album, Statis, is an album by UK based artist Chris Christou, and is an album that truly captures the listener with intense cosmic  and haunting melodies that will immerse you into otherwordly places. It’s a very consistent album, and it keeps the interest and exitement up for the listener as the music progresses through. It can tell that Chris has put a great deal of work into his music, as there is alot of ‘feel’ to it. Most of the tracks flows ubroken into each other, forming a great sense of  a “in your face” feel so to speak. It really does feel as if you are travelling out there, in space, visiting places you never knew existed. Despite the fact that the album seems a bit awkward and hard to get to know (especially at first listen), it will grow on you, and you will be amazed of how great this piece os EM is, and really appreciate it!. Some tracks are short, some are long (particularly the last one), and they all have their unique “space feel” to them. It can best be described as “a mix of Tangerine Dream” and “Klaus Schultz”  with a dash of ‘Alpha Wave Movement’. This is EM that doesn’t wear out in the first place. Recommended!

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TMA – Sequentrips (Emotional & Touching!)

‘TMA’ , better known as ‘Torsten M Abel’ has released his second output to date, and we’re in for a real EM treat here. ‘Sequentrips’ is bound to take you on a sequencer-trip!. What you will hear on this CD is marvelous sequencing from the very first track to the last, I can guarantee you that. Here, Torsten is showcasing his more melodic side when it comes down to composing with sequencers. The tracks are really well-structured and are emotionally driven, and very moving at the same time. It reminds me, at times, of Tangerine Dream’s  mid 80’s sound, especially the tracks ‘Circular Movement’, Garden of B, and Beautiful Movements (‘Beautiful Movements’ being my favourite), which are also the stand-out tracks on the CD. They are all beautifully crafted and inspires the listener with it’s very melodic, and sometimes even haunting atmosphere. Tracks such as ‘Audible Forces’ and the lyrical ‘Andhere Jangala’ are indeed top stuff aswell. Both tracks are ‘filled’ with subtle guitar playing,  lush and serene sequencing, and some ethereal voices/singing, which in return creates a beautiful melody, very much in the style of ‘Cadenced Haven’. Another great piece is ‘Tangling In The Modules’. How I love this one!. This track is filled with melody and ambience, but it also has a very nice progressive EM feel to i. If you liked TMA’s earlier album ‘Escape’ then this is for you!. Thorsten’s trademark sound is present here but with a twist. It can tell this album has taken some time to record/finish.

So, to whom will this album appeal to? Well, fellow TD fans/followers will surely love what this album has to offer. But  if you’re new to TD and/or TMA, sit down and relax with a cup of tea, listen through the album a couple of times and let it grow on you, because soundscapes of this calibre doesn’t get much better. This is melody & structure the way I like it!.

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Cadenced Haven – Peregrination (Lush & Exiting Atmosphere!)

The atmosphere that Gert Emmens & Cadenced Haven has conjured up on ‘Peregrination’ is stunning. These two magicians knows how to make infectious EM with an exiting atmosphere that keeps the interest and exitement up from the 1st track to the last. Rarely do I get to hear such extraordinary EM like this!.

The 1st track, ‘Devoted Loss’ , introduces us with a woman singing “aahs and ooohs” together with some catchy sequencing mixed with perfectly balanced rhythms that keeps building with it’s infectious & cinematic feel. It has a great re-play factor, and is definetely the stand-out track on the entire CD, simply a masterpiece of it’s own!. This is Gert and Cadenced Haven at their very best!. The following track called ‘Confronting Conscience’  follows up with a subtle and slow sequence that soon gets accompanied by a lush and serene rhythmic beat that is full of magic. I like how it comes along with the mystic sequencing in the background. Coming next is ‘Atmosphere Of Amalgamation’. This one is perhaps one of the more fast-paced sequencer tracks on the CD. It has a distinctive and rapid synth approach and is sounding very much like a typical Gert Emmens track, but some of the background synth sounds has the flavour of ‘Cadenced Haven’ aswell, and carries the music away nicely!. Perhaps just slightly repetitive, but great sounding nevertheless!.

As we get further into the world of ‘Peregrination’ we also get more and more indulged by it, and ‘Reversion To The Unborn’ shows just that. This track features a more varied style in EM, and is less focused on sequencing and more onto drums and rhythmic patterns. ‘Path To Phenomenon’ starts out in a hypnotic manner and builds on that with other nice vocal sounds and synth effects. After a while a sharp edged sequence kicks in with a background Grand piano sound that closes the track in a nice, almost classical way. Further on, ‘Virtual Reality’ slowly emerge. Here we get to hear long, melodic sequencing, almost space-music sounding. When listening to this track, I quickly get reminded about the works of ‘Jonn Serrie’. But this track offers a more versatile style than just your ordinary space-music. It comes with swirling synth effects and other rhythmic structures, and at times a futuristic sci-fi sounding sounds appears to make things more interesting. Next is ‘Catalysis’ and is yet another cracking sequencer track!. Excellent catchy melodic sequencing  and flow with top notch rhythm is what we will find here!. This track and ‘Devoted Loss’ are among my favourite tracks, and they do stand out from the rest quite a bit, probably because of it’s melodic style and structure. Brilliant!. ‘The Silent Visit’ (I like the name of this track alot, very innovative!) has influences of nature, as you can clearly hear the rain pouring in the background. A very mystifying track with some haunting moments and subtle sequencing. If you like Enigma or ‘Dreamaiden’ then this is for you. It certainly has the feel and structure of a typical Enigma/Dreamaiden track. Anyway, this track is not entirely a Enigma sounding track though, it certainly has alot more to offer the listener, and it’s obvious  after the 5 min mark and onwards. Another very good track with great harmony!. So, the conclusion is the track ‘Conclusion’. As said before in my ‘Gert Emmens’- Nearest Faraway Place vol.3′ review (in which this track is featured), this track has a very laid back atmosphere. It is rather cinematic and could easily be considered as a ‘End Title’ track from a film. Some nice but dark sequencing is breathing in the background and closes the album perfectly!.

I would highly recommend this album for fans of ‘Gert Emmens’ music in general, and for those who are seeking something new and innovative when it comes to EM. Also, sequencer fans will have tons to enjoy here aswell! This is definetely a new EM masterpiece in my collection, and I can’t wait to hear more from these two very talanted artists. I can’t do anythjing else but give this album a 5 star ranking. So, 5 stars out of 5 from me!. Another infectious EM peregrination for sure!. A Must buy!

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Rob Essers – Raincolors “More TD than TD”

Rob Essers is from Holland, and is a one-man Tangerine Dream army with his Electronic equipment. I’m saying this becasue it ‘s sometimes very hard to tell whether or not this is a TD album or not. Nevertheless, this is an outstanding 80’s TD style sequencing album at it’s very very best!. It has all the infectious 80’s synth elements TD had back then and more. Most of the tracks are top notch EM and sounds both innovative and interesting, and comes with a cover and artwork that represents the music very well. On the back of the CD cover you can see Rob’s studio along with some of his gear.

The opening track offers a refreshing and energetic start with great uptempo sequencing and a bass rhythm that evolves in a somewhat typical TD way, but despite that, Rob’s own creativity is always present and obvious in the mix. Next track, ‘A Walk Through’ is a stunner for sure. This is the best track on the whole CD, and I’m sure Rob was inspired by the album ‘Firestarter’ by TD when he composed this track. It could best be described as ‘Charly the Kid’  in a new dress if you will, or a ‘lost’ Firestarter track. This is awesome 80’s style sequencing at it’s finest. Can’t beat the feeling of that!. ‘Truceless’ follows up with another very typical Soundtrack like theme, and starts with some awesome synth work that slowly builds with a bouncy sequence and pads that shines nicely through the whole track. Another catchy 80’s sounding jewel!. ‘Sparkless’ is a more laid back synth track, but it has it’s moments here and there with some trippy sound effects. Then comes ‘Square One’ which is another rhythmic sequencer track that builds nicely along with a very catchy melody all the way through. ‘Luscious Feelings’ picks up and stirs our imagination with more uptempo EM. ‘Monochromatic’ has a cinematic feel with great sequencing and texture to it. One of the strongest tracks on this CD, and showcases some lush synth guitar magic. ‘Colors of Rain’ is another highlight. Again, fans of mid 80’s TD sound will delight here!. This track is indeed somehting out of the ordinary, and stands out from the rest. Great sequencing, perfectly balanced, and well structured. ‘Loosing Chains’ is a track I have mixed feelings about though. It doesn’t quite stand up there with the rest of the tracks, in terms of quality. Probably my least favorite track. ‘Electron’ on the other hand is marvelous. Starts quietly with a typical late 70’s feel. It sounds a bit like a track taken from the ‘White Eagle’ album by TD. It’s slightly ‘darker’ than the other tracks. After that comes ‘The Trivial Round Of Life’. And what can I say? Wow!. The instrumentation is arranged in beautiful harmony with long swirling sequences and pads that keeps the exitement up along with it’s melodic structure. Another favorite!. The last three tracks on the CD are ‘Bonus Tracks’. ‘The Gateway’ has a great sequencing flow, and carries the track nicely from start to finish with a subtle rhythm in the background. ‘Dream House’ is another cinematic track, almost a bit sci-fi sounding. Excellent composition!. The CD rounds off with another late 80’s sounding EM track called ‘In Locked Places’. Not my favorite, in fact, maybe my least favorite. It’s not really that bad, but it could have been a better track if it wasn’t because of it’s repetitiveness. Not too much going on, I expect more than just a melody on repeat. That said, this is more TD than TD themselves. Fans of 80’s EM won’t be dissapointed. A must-have album! 4 stars out of 5 from me.

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Tangerine Dream – Dream Mixes Vol.V “Great variety of moods”

‘New songs in a new cool dress”. I doubt I could have said it better myself. The music on TD’s new ‘Dream Mixes’ CD is more infectious than ever before. We get to hear many old classics here but in a all new rendered style. They are all very well structured, and relies very much on the good old TD sound we recognize and love so much, only this time the sound have gotten a touch-up and does indeed sound very refreshing to my ears. There is something for everyone on this CD. If you want something with similar style to late 70’s to early 80’s TD music then listen to ‘Flow Paths’. If you’re more into the 80’s oriented melodic side of TD then the track ‘Scope of Minds’ (my favourite) is for you, with it’s melodic hooks and infectious sequencing. And if a more fast paced atmosphere is for you then go for ‘Hinterland’, as this track really shows off some nice well balanced rhythms,beats and moods along with some incredible sequencing. That said, this CD offers the listener a great variety of TD music. It is probably the most versatile mix of TD stuff out there these days. And having listened to all the ‘Dream Mixes’ CD’s, all I can say is, this is the best of them all!. Most impressive & Highly Recommended!! 5 stars out of 5 from me!

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Lambert – Inside Out “One Man And His Synthesizer. Could it be Magic?”

This disc is more or less full of magic, that is if you like the sound of Tangerine Dream from their early 80’s period of time and forward.
It can tell that Mr.Lambert Ringlage has been inspired by TD in many aspects when listening through this disc, but nevertheless, this CD is a one-hit-masterpiece of its own!

There are some of the most infectious TD sounding stuff here that you won’t leave your room until you’ve heard it all. But even so, if it does sound like it could have been done by TD or some similar artist, it still really shows that Lambert has his own style when trying to capture Originality in writing music. And if you want the very best, from my point of view, “underrated” musician and his Synthesizer, you better pick this album up before it’s too late. There might not be another chance. I am so happy I did!

And I couldn’t ask for a more varied electronic music album, as this disc delivers it all. Everything from pulsating rhytms with roaring sequencers, to laid back/slow, moody and complex instrumentation.
To name a good example would be the song “Dolphin’s Cry”, and this album is worth picking up for that track alone!  This disc has it all, and now is the time to get it.

Extremely Recommended for die hard fans of 80’s influenced electronic music!

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Waveform – Virtual World “Music That Touches The Heart & Stirs The Imagination..”

Yes, you read it right. The music on this CD will definetely touch all your senses in a very delicate way. It’s a great concept album. And having heard alot of different intrumental music through the years, I have to say that this CD stand up rather high above the majority of New Age music out there today. It’s just not your Ordinary EM album we have here.
Having listened to this album for quite some time I find it very good, even though some of the tracks can sound a bit repetitive at times. But that doesn’t mean it gets boring, not at all.
What I like about this release is the use of vocoders (you can never get enough of that). Many tracks include, in one way or the other, computerised speech which complements most of the tracks superbly, and has become somewhat of a trademark sound in the Waveform formula.

As for the synth sound/music itself, It could perhaps best be desribes as a cross between Jogeir Liljedahls ‘Out of Silence’, Jan Schipper’s ‘Spiral Galaxy’ and Anders Lundqvist’s ‘Unknown Destination’. In other words a very versatile mix of EM. But what makes this CD better than many other EM CD’s is the intricate structure of sound that evolves in such great harmony.
My final words is, this release leaves little to no room for improvement. It’s that good!

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