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Pyramaxx – Distance (2015)


The latest collaboration album by Maxxess & Pyramid Peak (Max, Andreas, Axel) is finally on the horizon. And I was one of the lucky ones who had the chance to listen to the album a bit earlier than the expected release date (what can I say? I’m a huge “Maxxess” fan).

After listening to this marvelous album on repeat for many hours on end, all I can say is this album is a sheer masterpiece from start to finish. On this album, “Maxxess” continues to amaze us with his brilliant, and very unique, melodic guitar playing, forming soundscapes that floats beautifully in each of the tracks. If I were to compare this album to his previous albums, I’d say this album is very similar in style to the album  “Contact” (which is also one of my favorite albums).

There is no need to go into detail on each of the tracks presented on this album as they all sound equally as good, though I have a couple of favorite pieces on here that should be pointed out as real gems.

Let’s start with the beautiful, and almost heartfelt track “Magellanic Clouds”. This piece is dominated by ethereal guitar scapes that washes over you with it’s slowly paced guitar echoing that literally fills you with emotions. Makes me think of Neal Schon and his album “Late Nite”. Fantastic track!

Another real cracker is the title track “Distance”. Here we have another epic grower. This is progressive electronic rock at it’s very best, no doubt. It starts with pulsating synth waves for a bit, then after the 3 minute mark, it reaches it’s climax as the echoing guitars are on fire again, putting a spell on your ears!. Brilliant….just brilliant!

I usually don’t say this, but there aren’t enough words to describe how good this album is, I’m speechless. You just HAVE to get this album if you’re a fan of “Maxxess” earlier works and/or if you like the electronic music of Pyramid Peak. This kind of electronic rock has a very special place in my heart, and for good reason. I mean, there aren’t many (if any) artists out there that creates lush guitar soundscapes the way “Maxxess” do. He is a very special and truly talented man. And adding the great “Pyramid Peak” to his music can only result in one thing, a masterpiece.

Make no mistake. Get this album as soon as it’s released and discover what electronic rock is all about!.

10 out of 10


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Computerchemist – Signatures Vol 1 & 2 (2013)


The new double album ‘Signatures 1 & 2, by much talented Dave Pearson (aka Computerchemist) reveals both krautrock, electronics and progressive rock at it’s very finest. Starting with ‘Signatures I’, we will travel into the world of krautrock for sure, especially the first half of the album it’s very evident. It’s like listening to some of the best ‘Tangerine Dream’ music from the early 70’s. It strikes you immediately that the mighty ‘Computerchemist’ has been influenced by this supergroup to a large extent. And while the first half of the album is TD oriented in many ways, the later half is aching much more towards the sounds of ‘Ozric Tentacles’ if you ask me. The cosmic shimmering sounds along with the powerful drumming takes place, it’s almost like listenng to a one-man Ozric army. Dave certainly knows every trick in the book, and with this album he has eclipsed himself once again.Very tasty intricate cosmic rock from start to finish!.





As we move along, we get to his other album called ‘Signatures II’. This album (being my fave of the two) is leaning much more towards electronic rock. But the obvious oozing sounds of Ozric Tentacles cannot be escaped!. Just listen to the amazing piece ‘Floor Zero’ and you’ll be in for a lush treat for sure. The very tasty sounds of the guitars and ethereal synths will leave you quite breathless I’d say. My favorite track on the album without a doubt!.

Pour a bit of ‘Ozric Tentacle’, then add some tasty Pink Floyd sounds mixed with some classic Tangerine Dream textures. Stir well, then add a bucketload of Dave Pearson’s own imaginative style. Shake again and stir it well, and you’ll have the latest Computerchemist masterpiece!.  I would easily and without a doubt recommend this double album to listeners who crave for an infectious and adventurous Berlin-influenced journey, with a dash of prog rock thrown in the mix.

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Rene Splinter – Singularities (2012)

I’ve always been in love with the Tangerine Dream sound Rene Splinter creates with each of his releases. And his latest album ‘Singularities’ is no exception!. The album will indulge you in a serene world of electronic music that WILL leave you breathless for a long time, and make you beg for more of the same. The music that Rene creates is always leaning towards classic 80’s sequencing electronic music. And with this album he certainly have eclipsed himself. Each and every track has that stunning melodic and fresh feel to it, and all of the tracks on this album progresses through in great harmony and with some of the very best sequencing I’ve heard in ages!.

The opening track ‘Singularities’ has to be one of my favorites. It starts out in a moody yet uplifting way, with some soft melodic synth pads, which later builds up in a slow moving way with more sequencing and powerful grooves added to it as the track progresses through. The best part of this track is after the 8 or 9 minute mark, as all of the ingredients are all there and really pushes Rene’s magical touch to the limit!. Superb powerful and moving EM of the highest order is what we have here!. Talk about ear bliss!

Other highly notable tracks are ‘Timescapes’ and ‘The Time Traveller’. These tracks are marvelous melodic pieces from start to finish. Both tracks has that truly awesome and infectious sound of the mid 80’s. Think ‘Tangerine Dream’ and the music from soundtracks such as ‘Firestarter’ and ‘Heartbreakers’ and this is what you will hear!. Personally, I’m a big fan of the ‘Firestarter’ soundtrack, so I was very pleased to hear these tracks, along with ‘The Lighthouse’, which is yet another remarkable piece that will leave you breathless without question.

Now, all this said, I seriously have to admit that ‘Singularities’ is easily one of the best synth albums I’ve ever listened to, with the exception of ‘David Helpling & Jon Jenkins’ album ‘The Crossing’ (2010). Highly recommend album to any fan of quality EM of the highest order!. Epic ear bliss!

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Transcend With Time – The Calling Whisper (2011)

The new album ‘The Calling Whisper’ is another masterpiece by talented musician Mark Mendieta, in my ears. It doesn’t follow the directions from the previous album ‘A Haunting Presence’ to a hundred percent, mostly because this time around TWT’s new album is completely instrumental. What you will experience on ‘The Calling Whisper’ is a majestic opus, a hauntingly beautiful album that carries you away with synth driven soundscapes & guitar themes from start to finish.

The opener ‘The Calling Whisper’ is probably the most haunting (and somewhat dark) piece on the whole album. It does a good job in leading the listener deep into a rather deep cinematic experience. It could best be described as a good opening track to a thriller/horror movie if you ask me. Other remarkable tracks are ‘As The Angels Tread’ & ‘Across The Serene’. Both tracks really showcases some of TWT’s most emotional synth passages along with nice guitar playing that keeps the excitement up and going. But the real cracker here is ‘Beside The Mirror’. It’s a highly versatile piece of ambience, ranging from light ethereal synth moods to dark and mysterious passages. One of the very best & unique tracks on this album!.

I would say that this album is a soundtrack to a movie not yet made. It’s very easy to start conjuring up images and scenes while listening to it, much because it’s very haunting atmosphere, that at times, leaves you quite breathless. Much in the ambient music “scene” has already been done over and over, again and again, but with ‘The Calling Whisper’ we do get to hear something rather exciting and fresh to the ears!.

And speaking of fresh to the ears. If you’re familiar with TWT’s previous album ‘A Haunting Presence’ then you’ll probably love this offering too. The only major difference on this album is that it’s 100% instrumental, no vocals at all. If that’s a good or bad thing, you decide, but personally I prefer this album over the debut as I’m more into instrumental music than anythting else. Also, this offering is a bit more structured and versatile, and the production sounds even better, too!.

So the verdict is, if you’ve heard most of the ambient music out there today and you’re looking for something quite ground breaking, then this great versatile thought-provoking album is for you!. Highly recommended!

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Mark Dwane – The Singularity (2011)

The new installment ‘The Singularity’ expands alot on many of MD’s previous albums, but this time, perhaps in a more romantic & ambient/ethereal way if you ask me. The songs on ‘The Singularity’ are of the finest calibre available when it comes down to MIDI guitar soundscapes. There are so many precious and lush moments to find on this release, making it very hard to pick out any particular favorites. But my personal fave has to be ‘Event Horizon’. It’s on of those tracks that will stick in your head for a long time, and certainly even more so if you’re familiar with MD’s style from his earlier albums, ‘The Myth’ from 1985 immediately comes to mind.

The album offers the listener a MIDI-guitar tour-de-force from start to finish, and the production and sound is better than ever. All this said, ‘The Singularity’ will appeal to both new and old Mark Dwane fans as this album has both something new and something old in the mix. It’s a highly versatile and atmospheric album and also probably one of his best albums to date, ‘Planetary Mysteries’ being his second best album according to me. Without a doubt a must-have in any New Age/Ambient collection!. Highly recommended! Buy…buy…buy!

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Jeff Scott Castle – The Indigo Sun Chronicles (2011)

The music you will hear on this album is absolutely breathtaking. It could best be described as a cross between David Helpling & Jon Jenkins style and the rhythmic side of Tangerine Dream. Particularly their 80’s years. Now that’s a combination I like!. All of the tracks here flows into one another in a gorgeous way, and played with heart and emotion from start to finish. And speaking of emotion, If you listen to the track ‘So Many Miles To Go’ you will be blown away with it’s infectious synth passages and the slow moving and epic atmosphere. A track that’s filled with hope, sadness and a dash of longing. Breathtaking synth piece!. Other extremely epic tracks on this wonderful album are ‘Indigo Sun Theme’ and ‘In Search of Life’. Those two showcases another sensible side of the artist ‘Jeff Scott Castle’. They also deliver an epic ammount of heavenly beautiful synth passages that you simply can’t get enough of. My room was filled with positive and uplifting emotions when I played this album during the evening at home. I was totally blown away by it’s rich atmospheric sound, a sound very few I can think of as I write this can immitate. Not even TD knows the recipe that Jeff has conjured up on this marvelous album. All I can say for now is…GET THIS ALBUM!. You won’t find a better synth album this year. To be honest, I doubt there will ever be another synth album sounding this good ever. That is, unless Jeff comes up with new ideas, and follow up the sound he has delivered on this album. So to summon up this album with one word, all I can say is….EPIC!!

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Glyn-Lloyd Jones – Chaotic Attraction (2011)

A new incredibly infectious album has surfaced by the great ‘Glyn Lloyd-Jones’. And if you, just like me, love the 80’s output from Tangerine Dream, with albums such as ‘Poland’ and ‘Logos’, then you’ll LOVE what this album has to offer you!. It could have been entitled ‘Poland’ Pt.2 for all I know!.

As for the music. All four tracks are filled with late 70’s to mid 80’s synth bliss material from the moment you press play. The brilliant long piece ‘Reflections of Perpetual Abstraction’ is proof of that. The structure of that track is outstanding and gives me chills down my spine each time I listen to it. No, it’s not that scary, just THAT good!. But most notable is the last track that really turns my ears on called ‘The Dimensions of an Impossible Perspective’. That perfect 80’s sequencing sound is there with infectious rhythms building up the track in all it’s supreme glory. I would say it reminds me alot of the album ‘Alterstill’ by ‘Arcane’ (Paul Lawler), yet Glyn’s unmistakeable sound is always present, keeping the rich atmosphere exiting.

This album will, without a doubt, appeal to fans of the great mid 80’s sequencer driven EM style. Also highly recommended if you loved albums such as ‘Poland’ by Tangerine Dream (which I know you did!). Buy it, you won’t regret it, but you will regret that you didn’t if you don’t!.

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Transcend With Time – A Haunting Presence

The music on ‘A Haunting Presence’ can best be described as progressive New Age/Ambient, sometimes infused with a small ammount of rock influenses. The soundscapes are highly melodic and ethereal, and will take you to places only your dreams can generate. One of my favourite tracks on this album has to be ‘Through Shifting Lines’ as it has a great deal of melodic guitar textures that shines through like a pendulum from start to finish. Other great notable tracks are ‘Into A Solace Room’ , with (as the album title says) it’s haunting and evocative feeling throughout, and the track ‘Beneath’ which is a rockier and more uptempo piece that keeps the pulse going on strong. The album closes in with the beautiful piano driven piece called ‘ In Seclusion’. This song is indeed gorgeous, especially if you play it loud using headphones!. All that said, ‘Transcend With Time’ will, without a doubt, immerse you into a haunting presence. It’s an astonishing and versatile album that demands attention and repeated listenings to really grow on you. It could perhaps best be described as a mix of Clannad (their instrumental works), Jeff Woodall and Simeon Harris. That said, pour all of these artists in a mixer and add some of  Mark’s own imaginary ideas, and this is the music you’ll get!. Recommended!!

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Cymphonic & Vintage H – Post Mortem Investigations (2010)

Now here’s an album that demands deep och concentrated listening. I remember loving the first album by Cymphonic called ‘Strataradialis’, much because of the extremely haunting and breathtaking atmosphere it surrounded me in. After a while I almost felt “drugged” to the extent I had to take off my headphones for a while to let my mind and ears rest. The album was that good, and ‘Post Mortem Investigations’ is just that…..and more.

The new album continues very much in the same vain, with a deep, abstract, and surreal atmosphere. While listening to this album (particularly on repeat, using a good pair of headphones!) I get sucked right into the infectious and haunting atmosphere of ‘Post Mortem Investigations’ before I know it. I can easily imagine and/or picture myself somewhere far away from home, observing what’s going on around me in other parts of the world, and what other people are doing etc. Use headphones for maximum pleasure, as you will feel sucked in after just 2 minutes or so. The music is highly surreal, and takes both mind and soul to far away places. It is very hard to resist the experience that this album has to offer. Highly recommended album for fans of abstract ambient music such as Brian Eno, Bruno Sanfillippo and ‘The Glimmer Room’!. Very highly recommended!

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Geodesium – Stella Novus (2011)

Mark C. Petersen is without question and without exception, one of the most prolific composers in the space-music genre today, and once again it shows on his latest installment Stella Novus. This album is definitely one of his very best albums to date, right beside Stellar Collections. It portrays space and the infinity of the universe perfectly with its ethereal and floating sound textures that surround you in a blanket of warm sounds, and takes you on a deep-space cruiser before you know it.

The structure of the tracks is incredibly atmospheric and immersive, and makes you feel as if you really were drifting around to otherworldly places in the galaxy. Good examples are the tracks Protostars and Light Echoes. Both are filled with some of the most beautiful floating synthesizer sounds you are unlikely to hear on any other space-music album out there today. Very haunting atmosphere, yet very peaceful and beautiful at the same time. A visionary’s dream come true! Other highly notable tracks are the title track Stella Novus and the last, whopping 30 minute long track, entitled Hubble Suite.

Stella Novus starts off with a colorful sound palette that paints and fulfills the shimmering synth work that breathes emotionally in the background; one to pay attention to if you like a somewhat brighter side of space-music. The last track is my favorite of them all. It’s a 30 minute long-form space cruiser that slowly and carefully builds to enormous amounts of ethereal sonic soundscapes that push Mr. Petersen’s creative force to his limits, if you ask me. Mark’s distinctive synthesized sounds are all over this track and shows off some of his very best work, ever!

Rarely, if ever, do I hear such beauty in space-music, and I’m a ‘die-hard’ space-music enthusiast. So if you ever thought of, or dreamed about the possibility of travelling without moving to space, then do yourself a favor and buy this album right away. It’s the next best thing to actually being there. The verdict is: If you like the albums Fourth Universe and Stellar Collections then this album is a safe bet. It’s any space-music enthusiast’s dream come true. Stunning work, Mark. Mission complete!

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