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Frederic Wurtz (aka AEM) – Worldwide Of Sirius (1995)

As a long-time fan of Mr.Wurtz amazing sequencer music, I just HAD to write a little review for this newly released album called ‘Worldwide of Sirius’. Now, If you’re familiar with Wurtz traditional sound from albums like ‘Vision Set’ and ‘Sequence Time’ then you will find tons to enjoy on this stunning album. Not only has it the great elements of early 80’s Berlin School style sequencing, but it also has a very innovative and lush atmosphere one has to hear to understand it!. The whole album (which consist of one long track) is a tad ‘short’ though, only about 18 minutes, but those 18 minutes will be the thrill of a lifetime if you’re into unique sequencing with a lush ambient and emotional atmosphere in-between.

And is it just me, or was this album recorded live? One would think so, since it appears that there is a crowd ‘implemented’ at times in the music. However, this really does add an even better ‘live’ experience to the album, and does not affect/disturb the music itself, not at all, as it’s on a very low frequence. The whole album is really awesome, no doubt about that. Everything is very well arranged and composed and does not bore you one bit, unlike many other EM artists out there who keep the same pattern in their music to a very long, and at times boring extent. Oh well, if you know your EM and want some rather unique 80’s sequencing with an emotionally driven atmosphere in the mix then this is definetely for You!. Top Stuff!

You can Buy the album at http://www.musiczeit.com.

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