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TMA – Sequentrips (Emotional & Touching!)

‘TMA’ , better known as ‘Torsten M Abel’ has released his second output to date, and we’re in for a real EM treat here. ‘Sequentrips’ is bound to take you on a sequencer-trip!. What you will hear on this CD is marvelous sequencing from the very first track to the last, I can guarantee you that. Here, Torsten is showcasing his more melodic side when it comes down to composing with sequencers. The tracks are really well-structured and are emotionally driven, and very moving at the same time. It reminds me, at times, of Tangerine Dream’s  mid 80’s sound, especially the tracks ‘Circular Movement’, Garden of B, and Beautiful Movements (‘Beautiful Movements’ being my favourite), which are also the stand-out tracks on the CD. They are all beautifully crafted and inspires the listener with it’s very melodic, and sometimes even haunting atmosphere. Tracks such as ‘Audible Forces’ and the lyrical ‘Andhere Jangala’ are indeed top stuff aswell. Both tracks are ‘filled’ with subtle guitar playing,  lush and serene sequencing, and some ethereal voices/singing, which in return creates a beautiful melody, very much in the style of ‘Cadenced Haven’. Another great piece is ‘Tangling In The Modules’. How I love this one!. This track is filled with melody and ambience, but it also has a very nice progressive EM feel to i. If you liked TMA’s earlier album ‘Escape’ then this is for you!. Thorsten’s trademark sound is present here but with a twist. It can tell this album has taken some time to record/finish.

So, to whom will this album appeal to? Well, fellow TD fans/followers will surely love what this album has to offer. But  if you’re new to TD and/or TMA, sit down and relax with a cup of tea, listen through the album a couple of times and let it grow on you, because soundscapes of this calibre doesn’t get much better. This is melody & structure the way I like it!.

April 25, 2010 - Posted by | General Synth Music, Progressive Electronic Music |

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