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Arcane – Tomorrow’s Wasteland (TD meets “TD”)

With ‘Tomorrow’s Wasteland’, Arcane shows us yet again that making infectious 80’s sounding synth music out of the ordinary is still possible. Arcane has many great releases up their sleeve, and this one is one of the best released so far. This is, again, one of those “TD meets “TD”  syndromes, but yet Paul Lawler (the man behind this great music) does include many of his own ideas and distinctive sounds to the menu here. Surely, if you listen through this CD once you will instantly be taken back to the heydays of Tangerine Dream during their 80’s period of time, but if you listen closely there are a few sounds here and there that are highly typical for Arcane. And being an 80’s fanatic myself, I really love what I hear on this excellent and well-produced offering.

All the tracks are pure mid 80’s sounding EM, and a couple of great examples are the tracks ‘Invisible City’ and ‘Wave Equation’. These two tracks are being played with such infectiousness and awesomeness, and made me drool for more. You can easily play those tracks over and over again. I find it very hard to get tired of them. They have that perfectly balanced 80’s sound with a great progressive feel that builds nicely along the synth lines that’s pulsating back and forth in the background. The rest of the CD also offers the listener a great variety of Progressive EM. Another very good example would be ‘Time out of Mind’. This is probably the most progressive track of them all and has a feel and vibe that a typical TD track wouldn’t be without. Brilliant synth hooks and highly effective progressive elements is what this track has to offer.

All in all, this CD is a definite must-buy, and especially for fans of 80’s EM fashion. You simply can’t go wrong with a release such as this one. Everything you will hear on this CD is played immaculate and will stand the test of time for a long long time!. This is simply said yet another masterpiece from the Arcane ‘vault’. Get it!


April 21, 2010 - Posted by | Progressive Electronic Music, Synth Music |

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