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Cadenced Haven – Peregrination (Lush & Exiting Atmosphere!)

The atmosphere that Gert Emmens & Cadenced Haven has conjured up on ‘Peregrination’ is stunning. These two magicians knows how to make infectious EM with an exiting atmosphere that keeps the interest and exitement up from the 1st track to the last. Rarely do I get to hear such extraordinary EM like this!.

The 1st track, ‘Devoted Loss’ , introduces us with a woman singing “aahs and ooohs” together with some catchy sequencing mixed with perfectly balanced rhythms that keeps building with it’s infectious & cinematic feel. It has a great re-play factor, and is definetely the stand-out track on the entire CD, simply a masterpiece of it’s own!. This is Gert and Cadenced Haven at their very best!. The following track called ‘Confronting Conscience’  follows up with a subtle and slow sequence that soon gets accompanied by a lush and serene rhythmic beat that is full of magic. I like how it comes along with the mystic sequencing in the background. Coming next is ‘Atmosphere Of Amalgamation’. This one is perhaps one of the more fast-paced sequencer tracks on the CD. It has a distinctive and rapid synth approach and is sounding very much like a typical Gert Emmens track, but some of the background synth sounds has the flavour of ‘Cadenced Haven’ aswell, and carries the music away nicely!. Perhaps just slightly repetitive, but great sounding nevertheless!.

As we get further into the world of ‘Peregrination’ we also get more and more indulged by it, and ‘Reversion To The Unborn’ shows just that. This track features a more varied style in EM, and is less focused on sequencing and more onto drums and rhythmic patterns. ‘Path To Phenomenon’ starts out in a hypnotic manner and builds on that with other nice vocal sounds and synth effects. After a while a sharp edged sequence kicks in with a background Grand piano sound that closes the track in a nice, almost classical way. Further on, ‘Virtual Reality’ slowly emerge. Here we get to hear long, melodic sequencing, almost space-music sounding. When listening to this track, I quickly get reminded about the works of ‘Jonn Serrie’. But this track offers a more versatile style than just your ordinary space-music. It comes with swirling synth effects and other rhythmic structures, and at times a futuristic sci-fi sounding sounds appears to make things more interesting. Next is ‘Catalysis’ and is yet another cracking sequencer track!. Excellent catchy melodic sequencing  and flow with top notch rhythm is what we will find here!. This track and ‘Devoted Loss’ are among my favourite tracks, and they do stand out from the rest quite a bit, probably because of it’s melodic style and structure. Brilliant!. ‘The Silent Visit’ (I like the name of this track alot, very innovative!) has influences of nature, as you can clearly hear the rain pouring in the background. A very mystifying track with some haunting moments and subtle sequencing. If you like Enigma or ‘Dreamaiden’ then this is for you. It certainly has the feel and structure of a typical Enigma/Dreamaiden track. Anyway, this track is not entirely a Enigma sounding track though, it certainly has alot more to offer the listener, and it’s obvious  after the 5 min mark and onwards. Another very good track with great harmony!. So, the conclusion is the track ‘Conclusion’. As said before in my ‘Gert Emmens’- Nearest Faraway Place vol.3′ review (in which this track is featured), this track has a very laid back atmosphere. It is rather cinematic and could easily be considered as a ‘End Title’ track from a film. Some nice but dark sequencing is breathing in the background and closes the album perfectly!.

I would highly recommend this album for fans of ‘Gert Emmens’ music in general, and for those who are seeking something new and innovative when it comes to EM. Also, sequencer fans will have tons to enjoy here aswell! This is definetely a new EM masterpiece in my collection, and I can’t wait to hear more from these two very talanted artists. I can’t do anythjing else but give this album a 5 star ranking. So, 5 stars out of 5 from me!. Another infectious EM peregrination for sure!. A Must buy!


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