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F.D.Project – 47:24 (Homage to Tangerine Dream)

The music you will hear on this album is more or less a homage to Tangerine Dream’s classic album ‘Tangram’ or perhaps it’s leaning more towards the album ‘Logos’, you decide. Whatever you choose it to be, this album has lots and lots of goodies to deliver to your ears. Frank Dorittke shows that it’s not neccesary to have a line-up consisting of 4 or 5 persons to conjure up a great sounding long-form EM trip. Yet again we get to hear Frank’s lushious guitar playing here and there, though most of it will be featured near the end of the CD. And on top of that there will be quite a few ear pleasing EM moments, and fans of long and slowly evolving sequencing will find lots to enjoy on this disc. Surely 47:24 is not as good as say ‘Tangram’ if you ask me, but there are many similarities, and what stands out from the rest is Frank’s brilliant, sometimes subtle, use of his guitar playing that shows up here and there when you least expect it. But when those moments kicks in you will be in for a real treat and sometimes even get a little surprised!. I like this album alot, it’s not a masterpiece, but not far from it either. Simply put, if you like TD in general then I’m sure you will find quite alot on this release to please your ears from time to time!. Recommended! 3.5 stars out of 5 from me!.

April 3, 2010 - Posted by | Progressive Rock Music, Synth Music |

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