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Pete M – Alien 8 Yourself “Ready To Get Alien 8:ed?”

I have heard a whole lot of instrumental guitar based music through the years, everything ranging from Neal Schon, Maxxess, Steve Vai and Vinnie Moore to Tangerine Dream and Guido Meyer.
And I have some good news. This album is much more than just your ordinary guitar based music, alot more.

Think of instrumental guitar music with a dash of synthesized ‘speech’ and you will get a good idea of what to expect from this highly Original album. It could best be described as a cross between Maxxess and Guido Meyer, with a large ammount of Peter Murr’s own talent. And this can certainly be heard on
tracks such as ‘Camera Shy’ and ‘Tide Of Destiny’. It didn’t take long before I was hooked on this masterpiece, to be honest it took only two listenings to realize that this disc delivers it all, and everything I want from an Original sounding guitar oriented album.

The opening track ‘Alien 8 yourself’ kicks in with some spacious sound effects (and speech), and soon afterwards some fast paced guitar work is thrown into the mix. It reminds me alot of what Joe Satriani did back in the 80’s. The following track called ‘Left In The Dark’ is also a well-crafted experience with some raw guitar work emerging
out of the blue. This is one of the more rhythmic side of things on the CD.

Next comes ‘Metal Jacket’, containing a great deal of experimental guitar work. This has something for lovers of both progressive and straight forward rock. A track not to be missed!.

After rain comes the sun, and this is where things start to shine brightly. ‘Nuvo Groov’ follows with
excellent flow throughout. It’s very uptempo and gives the listener a real energy boost. Some juicy stuff on this
one. Takes slightly more time to fully appreciate, but once you have, you’re hooked. I know I am.

I mentioned Maxxess before. And ‘Kikked Out’ is one of those tracks where I instantly get reminded about his music.
A very interesting track with some groovy rhythm and guitars that really shows off. A track that is quite focused on drums and guitars more than any other.

Things seems to only get better and better, and yes, in this case it’s so true!. ‘Soul Hibernation’ sets a new standard in instrumental guitar music. This is definetely one of my favorites. A highly emotional piece with a great deal of slow guitar sounding extravaganza that slowly builds to a inferno of blistering guitar work. Both Maxxess fans and Neal Schon fans will love this one. And it is also reason enough to buy the CD!.

You’ve had enough yet? Well, next track isn’t for the faint of heart. The track ‘Citrus Twist’ is sure to put you on a rollercoaster ride with rapid fire guitars all the way through, followed by the track ‘Itchy Feet’ that is even more powerful in terms of rhythm and structure. More stand-out tracks!.

Let’s get rocked. The track ‘Grub’ is sure to please those who likes more ‘layed back’ guitar work with a deep and groovy feel. Good good!. Have I had enough yet? No way.

The real highlight on the disc is ‘Like Clockwork’. And this one is the most emotionally structured piece so far. Starting out with something that could have been done by Maxxess, slowly shows something entirely different. A very slow and echoing guitar with some reverb opens up the track which then follows up with a mid-tempo guitar Tour-De-Force that later finishes the track in a delicate way.

‘Camera Shy’ comes next and showcases an interesting side of Pete M. A powerful track containing some cool ‘camera effects’ and some very lush guitar work throughout. It adds to the flavour!. Great track!

And when the CD is about to close in we get to hear the majestic track called ‘Tide Of Destiny’. A real powerhouse of a track and delivers the best of both worlds. This definetely got me thinking of Vinnie Moore, Neal Schon & Patrick Rondat. And it does sound like a mix of all of those mentioned, but still, it also has it’s own Originality, and it certainly shows in the mid-section of the track and onwards. Bombastic stuff of the highest calibre!. The album ends the same way it opened the disc. What a way to finish this fantastic album!


March 29, 2010 - Posted by | Progressive Rock Music

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