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Norman Friedenberger – Mind Odyssey “Great Melodic & Addictive EM”

The music you are about to experience on this CD is a boost of emotional and uplifting Tangerine Dream 80’s sound at it’s very very best!
Norman plays with heart & soul and the music will definetely light a spark in your mind and take you back to the heydays of TD. It could be described as a cross between Rob Esser’s album ‘A Lizards Walk’ & TD’s album Tangram at certain places. Except that the music here tends to be more uplifting and evocative, and played like you were floating into a landscape of lush dreams, never heard before.

It’s hard to tell if everything is structured as a one long composition or in separated tracks, as there is very little to no stoping in-between the tracks. But to me, this only makes the album more of a journey without any stops, so to speak.  This CD is guaranteed to make your day happier and fill your soul with emotions and bliss that can only be described when listening to it. I can’t count how many times I’ve been listening to it, but I certainly never seem to get tired of it, it’s that good! A must have disc!!

Way to go, Norman!

March 29, 2010 - Posted by | Progressive Electronic Music, Synth Music |

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