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Lambert – Inside Out “One Man And His Synthesizer. Could it be Magic?”

This disc is more or less full of magic, that is if you like the sound of Tangerine Dream from their early 80’s period of time and forward.
It can tell that Mr.Lambert Ringlage has been inspired by TD in many aspects when listening through this disc, but nevertheless, this CD is a one-hit-masterpiece of its own!

There are some of the most infectious TD sounding stuff here that you won’t leave your room until you’ve heard it all. But even so, if it does sound like it could have been done by TD or some similar artist, it still really shows that Lambert has his own style when trying to capture Originality in writing music. And if you want the very best, from my point of view, “underrated” musician and his Synthesizer, you better pick this album up before it’s too late. There might not be another chance. I am so happy I did!

And I couldn’t ask for a more varied electronic music album, as this disc delivers it all. Everything from pulsating rhytms with roaring sequencers, to laid back/slow, moody and complex instrumentation.
To name a good example would be the song “Dolphin’s Cry”, and this album is worth picking up for that track alone!  This disc has it all, and now is the time to get it.

Extremely Recommended for die hard fans of 80’s influenced electronic music!


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