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Jogeir Liljedahl – Out Of Silence “A Ride Into A Sonic Landscape”

When I bought this CD, I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, as I am only familiar with Jogeir Liljedahl as a Amiga composer/musician back in the days, and not as a actual musical artist. And I never paid enough attention to his music at the time being. But after putting this CD into the player I can only tell you that I’m not disappointed a bit!. This one has everything that made Jogeir Liljedahl famous back then and much..much more!

Well polished electronic music is what you will hear, actually a little bit in the same vein as Tangerine Dream & similar artists, but there are also traces of some ‘Guido Meyer’ guitar moments here and there. And this can be heard on tracks such as ‘Nestea’ and ‘Hidden Past’, which are in my opinion the peak of his creativity and makes this CD worth buying for those two tracks alone!. Am I Impressed yet? Oh YES!

The rest of the tracks are also mindblowing synthesizer extravaganza from start to finish. It is clear to me that Chris Hülsbeck was involved in making this CD come true, as there are many significant sounds that reminds about his earlier works. Listen to the track ‘Antiquated’ (Turrican II anybody?), and you will instantly have a flashback to the heydays of the Amiga 500.

This is definetely a CD for those seeking out something new and something old. It delivers it all and contains all the elements that conjures up a well crafted electronic music voyage with the touch of some gorgeous sounding guitars in it aswell. A Lush mix!

I give it my warmest recommendations to just anybody(!) who is looking for more of what TD produced back around 1988-89, but also for those who like intrumental guitar based music. Top Stuff!!

Again, Highly Recommended!!

March 29, 2010 - Posted by | Progressive Electronic Music |

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