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Immersion Theory – The Icarus Foray “A Spark in the Dark”

When listening to this record in the dark, I almost feel like I’m sitting inside a spaceship, ready for a ‘mission’ to space and its unknown territory’s. The CD starts with a narrator talking, the kind of narration you often hear when astronauts are communicating to eatch other while in space (and offcourse while in the space shuttles aswell).

And this “intro” of the music starts the whole journey, and you better believe me when I say this record is a must have if you are familiar to Michael Stearns album “Planetary Unfolding”. It’s definetely at least as good, if not better, especially the track “Echoes Of Apollo”, which really showcases how space probably would sound if sound did exist there.

To me, outer space, inner space, the oceans and forests and all the life they contain, and even the space inside our minds are all somehow associated and related and they all make sense in the context of space music.

I would say that the music here could best be described as slow moving, dark, & slightly haunting at places. And to sum it up, this really is a spark in the dark. It has all the elements that conjures up a good space journey experience, and pick this one up if you’re a serious listener to the genre, and offcourse, you should consider buying it aswell if you are a collector! You won’t be dissapointed!

Highly recommended, especially for the fans of Michael Stearns!


March 29, 2010 - Posted by | Atmospheric/New Age Music, Space Music |

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