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Geodesium – West Of The Galaxy “The Birth Of The Universe”

West of the Galaxy is as vital and richly enjoyable a recording of space music as ever. Mark Petersen (aka Geodesium) makes music that wears very well and this CD shows that fact to good effect.

The CD opens with “The Grand Tour” and its slowly pulsing bass notes and shimmering synths. This is followed by a hyper-space cruiser, “Zephyr,” with whooshing effects, wonderfully done plucked-harp synths, and ferocious drum pads. These two cuts exemplify the duality of “West of the Galaxy”, i.e., the presence of deep space drifts and high velocity cruisers.

Not many musicians that I know of are as comfortable with both styles as Mark is. Jonn Serrie comes to mind, but Mark does not use the same long synth washes, instead concentrating more on notes and chords. Interestingly, Mark and Jonn are two of the premier composers of music for planetariums. That should certainly tell you something about the mood Mark’s music conveys. You’ll hear this in “The Ocean of Space” with its gently rotating melodies, “Sky Flight” with percolating rhythms and breezy synth flute, or the sixteen-minute title cut, a wonderful visit to deep space with slow bass rhythms, languid synth bass flutes, and shimmering synth effects.

Despite this recording’s release date of 1987, I don’t know if you will find much better space music being recorded today. “West of the Galaxy” is not dark or mysterious, but warm and friendly. For lovers of more melodic (but not neo-romantic) and cheerful space music, I recommend it highly, and if you want more of the same dose then this is only the beginning of a journey through space!


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