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Geodesium – A Gentle Rain Of Starlight “Planetarium music in a new dress”

Iv’e been listening to all of the Geodesium cd’s (and own them aswell), and this one stands out from the rest. There is a fresh new sound to this new installment, though it sounds very much like “Fourth Universe” except that this CD has more depth & emotions to it like never heard before. Listen to “Celestial Solitude” & “Silver Lagoon” and you know what I mean. I would highly recommend this CD to just about anyone who likes to add floating space music to their Planetarium show at home or at the theatres.

If you like Jonn Serrie’s music then you can’t go wrong with this release. It has everything, it’s fresh, a new classic, has more depth than the other Geodesium CD’s and most important I guess, it sounds very personal but I really can’t put my fingers on why, perhaps this is just me. Anyway, excellent work as usual Marc C.Petersen! Now Buy it!

March 29, 2010 - Posted by | Atmospheric/New Age Music, Space Music |

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