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Foreign Spaces – Phaeton “A Must Have CD”

This is the fourth Foreign Spaces release but their first on Invisible Shadows. Once again the band, consisting of Georg Reiter, Lothar Lubitz and Christian Feher, have a heavily sequencer-based style which, by hint of some impressive production work, manages to sound quite epic with just a hint of mystery creeping in, as if what we perceive as real were looked at through a distorting mirror, tipping reality off it’s axis, a feeling that is further emphasised by the excellent sci-fi style cover artwork. All of which means that their is a very definate individual slant to the band’s music, something that is obvious on the 17 minute opener ‘Phaeton I – Planet’ which also boasts an unusual psychedelic / symphonic feel, thanks to some complex and ever changing leadlines and regimented percussion that appear throughout. The shorter tracks, such as ‘Blue Stream’ and ‘Silver Glider’ reprise this style, albeit in a more structured, less freestyle manner. ‘Moonless’ and ‘White Sunset’ demonstrate that the band are also capable of producing cosmic music as good as anybody, both being a rich tapestry of lush but serene sounds.

March 29, 2010 - Posted by | Progressive Electronic Music, Synth Music |

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