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Between Interval – Secret Observatory “Expanding Space Music With A Dark Twist…”

This masterpiece of a spacemusic ‘soundtrack’ is a truly wonderful experience, not to be missed by any space music fan. It is a highly addictive CD full of mystery & passageways leading into many diffrent aspects of space.

All four songs on this disc floats into eatch other like the whole disc was made as a one-piece composition. And it is very rewarding what you will hear. The 4 compositions on this disc ranges with everything from deep, eerie & dark space music to the more brighter side of space.  The journey starts very dark and slow, but things get brighter and eventually everything expands, and space will open up for you & your ears. And before you know it you are trapped far away out there into a world unknown, somewhere in cosmos.  The best composition on this incredible release is “Forested Veins” as it has all the elements that a really good space tune should have, and it expands in such a way that makes me wonder if I really am in space or if I’m still aware of the real world around me.

I would recommed this album by all means to all fellow space travellers who enjoy the works of Michael Stearns. It is definetely a must-have CD if you are serious about taking a trip to the outer limits of life!


March 29, 2010 - Posted by | Space Music |

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