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Maxxess – Ultra “Ultra tasty guitars with a twist!”

Mindblowing..Stunning..Cracking..Awesome..Masterpiece..You name it!. There aren’t words enough to describe how this new CD by ‘Maxxess‘ greeted me when I first popped it into my CD player.

Here we have yet another extraordinary disc filled with blazing melodic guitar playing along with some sweeping & stunning electronica added to the menu. The tracks are more or less of the same calibre that we are used to hear on his previous CD’s, especially on the album ‘The Sequel’ as it sounds quite similar to that one. The difference on this album though lies pretty much in the guitar work. This time Maxx shows that he has enriched his music even more with much longer played ethereal and echoing guitar parts that sweeps through all the tracks with perfection, and sounds better than ever.
It simply has to be heard!. All tracks are winners here, but despite that, I have my two favorites, and they are ‘The Unknown’ and ‘Downhill’. These two pieces showcases some truly unique production and structure. They are rather slow and filled with some gorgeous electronic lead lines that sweeps in lush harmony, and the guitar sound that comes along is very impressive. It almost makes me want to jump up my chair and dance to the rhythmic beat that follows the songs from start to finish. Or even better, pick up the guitar and strike a few solos!.
Another masterpiece is the last track ‘Fieberwahn’. This track is filled with slowly emerging synths and a stunning added depth in which continues the same way along with some very emotional guitar playing played immaculate through the whole track. Another addictive track that I simply just can’t stop listening to. In fact, the whole CD is addictive, and being a long time Maxxess fan, I have to say this one goes right up there besides ‘The Sequel’ & ‘Contact’. It’s just that his CD is better, in fact, it’s the best of them all!. Melodic guitar grooves doesn’t get much better than this!

A masterpiece! Extremely Recommended! 5 stars out of 5 from me!

March 22, 2010 - Posted by | Progressive Rock Music |

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