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Jeffrey Koepper – Luminosity “Touching…Drifting…Imaginative…Dreamy”

Jeffrey Koepper is a master when it comes to emotional electronic soundscapes. This is his fourth installment and so far the best, in my opinion. The equipment used is typical mid to late 70’s early 80’s analog synthesizers. It all sounds very vintage and some tunes are really aching towards the Tangerine Dream sound that many of us are so familiar with.

The opening sequence of ‘Reflection’ is a masterfully done piece of art, followed by the more soft and touching ‘Light And Truth’. This is what I call first class imaginary space music!

But the voyage doesn’t end there. Some of the more experimental tracks we find on this disc are ‘Artifacts’, ‘Life Clock’ and ‘Transmission’ which are incredibly moving aswell and takes you on a immersive voyage through space & time. Those tracks contains some very lush sequencer work and are very hypnotising and makes you drift away somewhere into another dimension.

The only track that didn’t quite grab me 100% was the last one called ‘Rising Sun’, mostly because it sounded too much like a few of Koepper’s other tracks on his previous releases, but then that might just be me. It’s not really a dull track, but perhaps not one I would return to again and again.

After a few listenings I can only say that this CD is a must have if you liked Jeffrey’s previous CD’s, especially if you liked ‘Etherea’, or if you are a big fan of early Tangerine Dream!

Highly Recommended!


March 22, 2010 - Posted by | Progressive Electronic Music |

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