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Gert Emmens – Nearest Faraway Place Vol.3 “Taken there!”

The latest (and final chapter) installment of ‘The Nearest Faraway Place’ series’ is indeed an album that whet my appetite for more when the last track had finished playing. Each and every track totally mesmerized me and made me want more of the same the more I listened to it. Gert has done it…again!
There are eight individual tracks on this CD, but the whole installment should be listened to as if it were composed as a one-piece composition, as the tracks floats into one-another.

The first track, Part 15, starts slowly in a very moody and dark sense, very similar to the album ‘Encounter’ by Michael Stearns, but later fills your ears with Gert’s typical trademark sound that bounces back and forth in a hypnotic manner. Captivating and spacious EM of the highest order!
From hypnontic and spacious moments to something more emotional and yet again moody, we get to hear ‘Part16’. This track includes some of the finest moments on the entire CD, with tasteful guitars played along with some heavy sequencing in a splendid mix. It reminds me alot of Gert’s first ‘Nearest Faraway Place Vol.1’ album (which also took use of guitars to a certain extent). Top stuff, one of my favorite tracks!
As the CD is so versatile, structure wise, not one track sounds the same, and yet another track is proof of that!
‘Part 17’ is another fantastic piece of EM that filled me with joy! This is probably the most ‘uptempo’ and rhythmic sequencer track on the disc, played in such harmony, and is also quite similar to what you can hear on Gert’s album ‘The Tale of the Warlock’. It’s sound palette & structure is ever changing, and will continue to amaze and inspire each time you listen to it. Good re-play factor!
‘Part 18’ continues with the sounds of heavy traffic and other typical street ambience. Soon after you will be greeted with some of THE most emotional sounds EM has to offer. This is one of Gert’s most emotional pieces to date, if you ask me. And after the 6 minute mark you will, yet again, be greeted by some lush guitar playing together with Gert’s vibrant sequencing. Top performance!
Next track, ‘Part 19’, continues with a long awe inspiring and spacious intro, which soon settles down and transforms into sections with a highly thematic EM feel, almost sounding a bit like the ‘Geodesium‘ albums. This track would be a perfect companion to a Planetarium Show. Sensational!
And as if that wasn’t enough, the voyage seems never ending as we approach ‘Part 20’. Again, another thematic piece that breathes in and out with deep space elements, but after the 2 minute mark or so it really slows down alot with sad, emotional, and very touching synth lines. A little bit in the same style as ‘Crystal Voice’ by Tangerine Dream. After a few minutes a Inferno of Gert’s fast paced rhythms strikes us again and rounds off the track in a nice way! Impressive!
‘Part 21’ starts with a synthetic voice of a ‘robot’, and it seems to me it’s trying to tell us something, I’m just not sure what. This is the shortest part out of the 8 and sounds as if it’s closing the album, it has that typical feel. Not much to mention here. Make up your own mind on this one. A rather experimental piece, with less melody and ambience to it.
As for the last track, named ‘Conclusion’, Gert makes one of his first appearances with a new talent called ‘Cadenced Haven’. The music here stands out a little bit from the other Parts we have encountered so far. It closes the disc very laid back and moody, in a sad way. A very thoughtful track that did impress me quite a bit. Good job and a warm welcome to Cadenced Haven!

So to sum this album up, it’s strength lies in the emotional and moody parts of the compositions. The only weakness I found lies in ‘Part 21’. It just didn’t cut it for me. Other than that, this is yet another well-produced album that has great re-play factor! My final words are, It’s bound to take you to yet another ‘Faraway Place’. Highly Recommended! Excellent!!


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  1. And a great album it is, indeed!!

    Comment by Tuemckey | March 23, 2010 | Reply

  2. Amen to that!

    Comment by razors78 | March 31, 2010 | Reply

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