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Steve Roach – Dynamic Stillness “Subtle Messages Through A Deserted Landscape”

I have been a long time Steve Roach fan since the beginning of his career, and I have to say that this CD is one of the best out there since the release of ‘Structures From Silence’. This is it! Imagine standing on the top of a mountain, observing the landscapes ahead of you, taking a few deep breaths while listening to this phenomenal CD. Imagine seeing the past, the present and what the future holds. Reach out for the abstract matters of life and try to feel what’s close but not touching. Only then you will find the real truth of what life on this planet is all about.

The music on this disc makes dreams into reality before you know it, and it also evokes your deepest inner feelings and let’s all your sensations and emotions come to life. At least that’s how I felt when I got indulged by this masterpiece!.

The music is mysteriously beautiful, almost like taking the best from both worlds in terms of good and bad, bright and dark. Steve certainly knows how to create imaginary landscapes with slow-motion terraforming structure and rhythmless soundscapes. Think of this album as a slightly darker ‘Structures from Silence’ and you have a good recipe of what to expect. With it’s strong subtle messages, It feels that this CD has more to offer to the listener, a deeper meaning than his previous releases. And the flow of the dramatic sequences that can be heard throughout is simply stunning!. You will be able to explore subtle messages through a deserted landscape in no time.

I consider this album to be a must have in any SR fan’s collection. And for those who are not so familiar with Steve Roach, I have only one thing to say to them…You will not be disappointed!

My deepest atmospheric recommendations!!


March 22, 2010 - Posted by | Atmospheric/New Age Music |

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