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Waveform – Virtual World “Music That Touches The Heart & Stirs The Imagination..”

Yes, you read it right. The music on this CD will definetely touch all your senses in a very delicate way. It’s a great concept album. And having heard alot of different intrumental music through the years, I have to say that this CD stand up rather high above the majority of New Age music out there today. It’s just not your Ordinary EM album we have here.
Having listened to this album for quite some time I find it very good, even though some of the tracks can sound a bit repetitive at times. But that doesn’t mean it gets boring, not at all.
What I like about this release is the use of vocoders (you can never get enough of that). Many tracks include, in one way or the other, computerised speech which complements most of the tracks superbly, and has become somewhat of a trademark sound in the Waveform formula.

As for the synth sound/music itself, It could perhaps best be desribes as a cross between Jogeir Liljedahls ‘Out of Silence’, Jan Schipper’s ‘Spiral Galaxy’ and Anders Lundqvist’s ‘Unknown Destination’. In other words a very versatile mix of EM. But what makes this CD better than many other EM CD’s is the intricate structure of sound that evolves in such great harmony.
My final words is, this release leaves little to no room for improvement. It’s that good!


March 22, 2010 - Posted by | General Synth Music |

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