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Craig Padilla – Beyond The Portal “Discover what dreams are made of…”

Ethereal landscapes washes over you when putting this disc into your CD player. The music on this disc is sure to please fans of Craig’s earlier works such as ‘Path of least Resistance’. It could even be described as a ‘follow up’ to that album, in fact, much of the sound has similarities to it.

But this is a more solid effort, and consists of more powerful and dramatic sequences that will make you feel transported deeper into space, like you were living a dream. And not one track out of the six sounds the same in terms of structure and flow. Each are a unique experience for the listener. The best tracks are ‘One Moment Beyond’ and ‘Perspective of Disappearance’. Those tracks showcases what Craig, Skip & Ohms are capable of doing when they are at peak with their imagination and creativity

Lush atmospheres and synth swooshing surrealistic surroundings, with gorgeous analog effects is the order of the day, and make sure to buy yourself a copy right away. Don’t miss this gem. Definetely their best work so far. Go Beyond The Portal and discover what dreams are made of.


March 22, 2010 - Posted by | Space Music |

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