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Jonn Serrie – Thousand Star “A Journey Into Deep Space…”

Mankind has always been fascinated by space & time and what’s in between. That’s no news to anyone, but what IS news is this. To make all these fascinations come true, you need a tool, you need ‘A Thousand Star’. This new space music CD really takes you on an a completely new level of awareness & imagination. All tracks on this CD is simply amazing!.

The opening track ‘A Thousand Star’ evolves slowly with light ethereal ‘voices’ that washes over you as the infinity of space makes it appearance around you with its spacious sound and feel. This would be a excellent opening track for a Planetarium show!. Let’s take-off.

‘Flow of Times Arrow’ comes next and moves along in a even slower pace but with highly effective sounds that literarily makes you feel as if you were orbiting in space, beyond your imagination. This is one of those tracks that appeals to me the most, with its distinctive ‘space feel’ that you simply can’t escape.

The track ‘Belle E’Pogue’ starts off with some piano sounds and later the feeling of ’emptiness of space’ comes creeping up on me. Though, after a while things brightens up a bit as if I were approaching a new planet in another galaxy. This track seem to tell a tale of discovery. At least that’s how I feel. Another winning track!.
The track ‘The Visionary’ is a bit darker but it also have some bright moments. This particular track is another winner that would have to be heard in a Planetarium, as the narrator there is telling the story of ‘the birth of the Universe’ or a similar story.

As the CD takes us deeper into space we get to hear ‘Course Projection On Tactical’. A track that contains the most haunting moments on the disc. While listening, it makes me imagine I approach a planet of species that looks threatening to begin with, but after a visit on their planet they greet me and shares their secrets with me. One of the aliens points it’s finger on my shuttle and walks aboard. E.T anyone?

After the experience with the Aliens, I take off again along with the track ‘Enroute To Delta Pavonis’. This track reminds me of a track from ‘Planetary Chronicles Vol.II’, it has that special feeling of hope, happiness and sadness to it. A very emotional piece and it’s also my favorite track on this CD. I just love the way Jonn Serrie makes use of the synthesizers on this one. I envision this track is about trying to get back home to earth with the Alien aboard my ship, but a problem occurs along the way and I try to get in touch with my fellow space travelers, but it all fails, making me sense danger ahead.

The last track ‘Nostalgia For Infinity’ is another highly effective & innovative one. It continues the story of me being chased on my way home to earth by Alien spacecrafts, but as I enter hyperspace, they loose track of me, and I am finally alone in the vast emptiness of space again on my way back home to earth…with this unknown species with me. It all feels so surreal, as if in a dream, but I know it wasn’t!.

‘A Thousand Star’ is more real than reality!. If space had a soundtrack, it would probably play this CD on repeat!. 5 stars from me!. A sensational release!


March 22, 2010 - Posted by | Space Music |

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